Leading the Way in Driving Transformative Health Care Marketplace Change

For more than three decades, the Minnesota Health Action Group has been singularly focused on health care, uniting employers around common issues, amplifying the voice of those who pay for health care, and improving patient experience and outcomes for Minnesotans. With well over 50 employer/purchaser members, a vast network of strategic business partners and trusted advisors, and membership in the National Alliance of Healthcare Purchaser Coalitions, The Action Group is a well-known and well-respected health care purchaser coalition. The Action Group’s themes for the future and vision and mission guide its work in tackling shared employer challenges.

Moving Ahead with Focus, Optimism and Confidence: Six Themes for the Future

Operational Action Plan

Track One

Maintain and enhance current high-value services including:

Track Two

Identify partners in innovation that enable The Action Group to offer differentiated value to Minnesota employers, and are uniquely positioned to maximize scale/efficiency with the potential to transform health care delivery and outcomes.

Vision Statement

The Minnesota Health Action Group will be a beacon to employers demanding innovative, high-quality, affordable health care solutions today and in the future.

Mission Statement

  • Invigorate the Minnesota employer community as an economic force in health care.
  • Act as a relentless advocate for those who pay the bills for health care in Minnesota.
  • Identify, evolve and promote viable, affordable health care solutions that provide the flexibility needed by employees and their families.
  • Foster productive collaboration between private and public sector stakeholders.
  • Visibly advocate for public policy, legislation and regulations necessary to support our vision.
  • Measure and publicly promote the positive impact on all we do for employers and health care consumers.
  • Create new value for Minnesota businesses.

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