Does McDonald’s Drug Test? All You Need To Know

If you are taking up a job at McDonalds, you might want to know does McDonald’s drug test. Then this article is just for you.

Drug testing is done by many companies in the industry to ensure that their employees are in the condition to work. McDonalds is a fast-food restaurant that has implemented a drug test policy.

So, if you want to know does McDonald’s drug test in 2023, keep reading to decide how to pass McDonald’s drug test.

McDonald’s Drug Test Policy 2023

If you apply for a job as a crew member at McDonald’s, you will have to take a drug test. The company doesn’t do this routinely but sporadically depending on the job opening.

A person, who is applying for a job at McDonald’s, no matter whether part-time or full-time, eventually will have to take a drug test. In case the fast-food chain accepts the employment applicant, the applicant has to submit a urine sample. Self-testing devices, which don’t demand a restroom visit, are available in several restaurants.


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The results are communicated to the business, and a negative conclusion won’t keep the employee from reporting for duty. Nevertheless, if another drug test is required later, it might allow the person to be tested once more. The person is not required to tell McDonalds anything about the medical conditions.

Taking any drugs, recreational or prescription, is not a wise decision before a drug test. If an employee recently used any prescription drug, it’s possible that it can result in the failure of the test. It is necessary to keep in mind that consuming any medicine without consulting with a doctor might cause positive outcomes under no circumstances.

It’s unclear if the business has the authority to consider an application positive for drugs even when they have previously tested positive for them. McDonalds doesn’t disclose the information itself, and it is not known whether they can determine if you have done it already.

There are no policies that can display if McDonald’s holds the result against the employees. There are no policies on how long the results can be saved. Hence, it is not clear if or not a person will give another chance at employment. The company will keep drug screening until they decide otherwise. These tests are handled by a third party on their behalf.

Does McDonald's Drug Test

How Does McDonalds Drug Test Work?

The company might perform a drug test before McDonald’s hiring process. Some might consider it to be excessive but the brand is doing this to purge the workforce of any hazardous personnel.

Based on the standard of business conduct for employees for McDonald. The company doesn’t abet possession or use of alcohol or illegal drugs in the workplace.

Employees aren’t permitted to work under the influence of illegal drugs, alcohol, or any substances, which can prevent them from performing their jobs effectively and safely.

It’s the prerogative of the company – to order an obligatory drug test for their employees. This test may come in the form of a random drug test, or scheduled drug tests.

What Drugs Do McDonalds Test for?

When you are taking a drug test at the company, you are going to be tested for the most commonly used illegal drugs with the help of a 5-panel drug screen.

These drugs are:

  • Marijuana
  • Opiates
  • Cocaine
  • Phencyclidine
  • Methamphetamine and amphetamine

In case you are suspected of drinking alcohol, you will be tested separately.

You might wonder if you will be tested for cannabis in a legal state. And the answer will be “yes” – they will do it. Many states have already legalized the medicinal or recreational use of weed. But it is still considered an illegal drug at a federal level, so big companies have to act like that.

What Kind of Drug Test Does McDonald’s Use?

The company can use a urine test when they want to screen employees for some drugs. Drug tests are performed off-site and McDonald’s is going to pay for you to travel to and from the drug testing site, they are going to pay for the drug screen itself, and they are going to pay for the time while you take the test.

If you take a urine drug test, you will have to give a urine sample that is going to be sent to the lab for testing. You are provided with a sample cup and directed to a bathroom.

You have to follow all instructions and ensure that you offer a minimum amount of urine they ask for. Usually, it is about 45 ml which is not much. There will be a check for urine temperature after you turn it in to ensure you haven’t diluted it or used a urine substitute.

In case your urine sample contains traces of cannabis or any other drug, you will meet the consequences.

How Long Does McDonald’s Drug Testing Take?

In case you are under the employment of McDonald’s and have to take drug tests, you are given a day for it. Initial testing takes a few minutes and is limited in time. The waiting period for the outcome will be different based on the drug used and can take up to 3 days.

Is There a McDonalds Pre-Employment Drug Screen Process?

The company started the screening process in 2014. It might appear a little overkill for some people but the reality is the company is trying to eliminate any risk for employees.

An applicant must complete a health commitment form before getting a real judgment. The test results determine if or not the candidate will be allowed to work with McDonald’s. But you should know that not all locations are following the same standards when it comes to pre-employment.

Does McDonald’s Perform Drug Tests at Orientation?

Usually, the fast-food chain doesn’t always require applicants to undergo a drug test at the time of the orientation. Rather, each franchise owner is completely capable of deciding as they deem fit and some can choose to ask for screenings to be done at the time of orientation for employees.

Even if someone takes the screening process as a privacy invasion, McDonald’s insists it is because they do not want any risk to be involved.

What Substances Does McDonald’s Prohibit?

The company screens for five different substances, including methamphetamine, THC, PCP, opiate, and cocaine. Furthermore, workers at McDonald’s aren’t allowed to be drunk when they are on duty. This kind of policy is the same in many big companies – Amazon, Walmart, Aldi, FedEx, Chick-fil-A and others.

As a result, a urine drug test may be administered at the time of employment. As well as monitoring for drug use while an employee is at work. If the first test results come back with errors, employers ask prospective employees to retake the test because they believe they might dilute their urine to cheat.

Does McDonald’s Drug Test Entry-Level Positions?

More than 80% of current and former employees report that they were not drug tested at the time of hiring. The company does not have a company-wide requirement in terms of pre-employment drug tests. So, there are no jobs that don’t drug test 2023.

What Happens if You Fail to Pass McDonald’s Drug?

When you have to take a drug test at McDonald’s, you might wonder what will happen if you fail the drug test. In case you fail to pass the screening process, you can be denied the chance to work for your chosen location. Nevertheless, establishments have to make their potential workers aware of the policy associated with testing them for drugs at the time of the pre-employment process.

In case the screening is related to Worker’s Compensation and is a medical prescription, you will be notified that the employer will not pay for your medical treatment.

Many medications can interfere with the drug test, leading to wrong results. So, if you are taking any medication, you can avoid this by getting in touch with a physician before the drug test takes place and getting prior approval from the doctor to undergo the accurate test.

Kinds of Drug Tests Performed at McDonalds

You know the jobs that drug test 2023 at McDonald’s. But you should also know the type of drug tests.

Pre-Employment Test

The company orders drug testing, not local managers. Employees are subjected to drug testing at the time of the pre-employment process.

The company will inform you of any required pre-employment drug tests immediately after you’ve finished your job interview. As all applications are subject to a drug test at the time of the application process, you might want to refrain from using drugs and illegal substances on the days that lead up to the interview date.

Random Test

It is highly unlike that you will have to go through a McDonald’s random drug test. But the company still reserves the right to test you in case they suspect drug use.

Post Incident Test

The policies of McDonald state anyone who is involved in a work accident will have to undergo a drug test before you go back to work. It applies to someone who is not even responsible for the accident. Moreover, if a colleague or customer was hurt at the time of the accident, a drug test can be requested.

Suspicion Based Test

In case an employee is being suspicious of illegal activity at the workplace, management might request a drug test on the spot to make sure that customers are safe while working at their stores.

Q&A about McDonald’s Drug Test

Can I Refuse a Drug Test at McDonald’s?

You might refuse to take a drug test at McDonald’s but if you do so, you need to remember that it can cost you your job. If they fire you or not is based on if or not your refusal after the incident or before an incident.

Can I Reapply if I Fail a Drug Test?

After you fail a drug, you will have to wait for a year before you can reapply again. Remember, as you wait during this period, any additional incident that involves drugs and alcohol can lead to direct termination.

How to Prove That I am Eligible for Rehire?

To prove that you are eligible for a rehire, you will have to submit your positive results with a signed form from your doctor that state they are not abusing alcohol and drugs at work.

What Drug Test Panel Does McDonald’s Use?

Whether it was an accident or not, the company is strict about drug use and punishes anyone who tests positive for it. Often, testing companies use 5-panel drug tests.

Is McDonald’s a Drug-Free Workplace?

Yes, McDonalds is a drug-free workplace because it requires its workers to be safe.


McDonald’s isn’t a drug-testing employer but they have a strict policy of not hiring an individual who tests positive for alcohol or drugs. They can decide with a background check or pre-employment.