Where to Buy Synthetic Urine? – A Comprehensive Guide

Synthetic urine is an option when a person who is a cannabis user, is faced with a sudden urine drug test and thinks about where to buy synthetic urine. Such products are several in the market but one needs to know which would be a reliable product to use. Nowadays most workplaces make it mandatory for one to undergo drug testing, along with different health tests. Those who are regular users of cannabis products might find it a dilemma, especially if they were not informed of the test at least a week or more before.

Synthetic urine, such as TestClear Powdered Human Urine, and a device like The Urinator, serve as a convenient solution for individuals facing sudden urine drug tests, providing an alternative to unreliable detox products. In the following sections, we delve into the variety of synthetic urine kits on the market, where to source such products and other pertinent information.


Urine Simulation Kit
(Powdered Human Urine+Heater)

  • It’s real drug-free human urine
  • All YOU NEED TO PASS A TEST IN ONE PACK: real urine powder, a medical vial, a temperature strip; two air-activated heaters
  • It’s undetectable

Picking the Best Fake Pee Kits

When a customer wants to pick a synthetic urine kit product they need a reliable one. Here are some well-known brands whose products have high success rates:

  • Quick Fix
  • TestClear Powdered Human Urine
  • Upass
  • Whizzinator
  • Incognito Belt
  • Sub Solution

Given the several choices available in the market a customer needs to consider certain factors when making such a purchase:

  • Quality

How convincing is the product? One should consider this question when making a purchase. A convincing product that mimics human urine very closely is likely to help one pass a urine drug test easily.

  • Ingredients

Synthetic urine that can pass urine drug tests has chemical compositions similar to human urine. Dependable products contain uric acid, creatinine, and urea as well as elements such as ammonia, potassium, phosphates, and chlorides among others.

  • Price

A highly-priced product might have a low success rate. Customers should refer to testimonials of real users and buyers to decide which products to consider.

  • Reliability

This factor combines with quality. Good quality products usually produce reliable results.

  • Trustworthiness

Reliability, a key factor intertwined with product quality, contributes significantly to trustworthiness. Customers seeking assurance often turn to reviews and testimonials, discovering that certain products consistently garner positive feedback and high satisfaction rates, such as TestClear Powdered Human Urine.


Urine Simulation Kit
(Powdered Human Urine+Heater)

  • It’s real drug-free human urine
  • All YOU NEED TO PASS A TEST IN ONE PACK: real urine powder, a medical vial, a temperature strip; two air-activated heaters
  • It’s undetectable

Where to Buy Synthetic Urine?

The best place where to buy fake pee is from a manufacturer’s website. Though there are several health product forums and online retail marketplaces that sell such products, it is best to refer to the official website of the manufacturer:

Pros Cons
Access to genuine products.

Guarantee from manufacturer.

Access to the manufacturer’s customer support team.

Discounts are often not found.

Many websites sell fakes of known brands.

Support and purchase guarantees are often unreliable.

As mentioned above, one has a guarantee of product authenticity when they place an order directly on the manufacturer’s website. Also, most manufacturers provide a money-back clause in case one is not satisfied with the product. Customers can access toll-free numbers to contact the customer support team directly. Also, the latest information or updates on products and their deliveries are easier to obtain if one orders from the official website of the manufacturers.


Weedmaps was formed to service the cannabis users’ community, both for adult users in US states where it is legal as well as for medical users. This company was founded back in 2008. It is headquartered in Irvine, California. Today the company has over 400 employees. Their offices are across cities such as New York, Toronto, Barcelona, Tucson, and Denver.

The website provides locations of all marijuana dispensaries across Canada and the United States. Not only can consumers get addresses of marijuana dispensaries but also place orders online. The website has delivery services that make it convenient for customers to place orders.

Online Retailers

Though the direct manufacturer’s website is a preferred mode of purchase, online retail options are also available. Though their supplies might be limited, many online retail brands such as Amazon, Walmart, or Walgreens are known to stock genuine products like The Urinator. Hence, if a customer is unable to find a supplier for their area, they can look up these portals. Also, these portals have reviews and testimonials from other customers. That helps customers know what to expect when they place an order for a synthetic urine product.

Online purchase has several benefits and conveniences when one is considering synthetic urine near me for a drug test. For instance, one does not need to visit a retail store and make the purchase themselves. They can discreetly place orders online. It comes in sealed packaging and most manufacturers ensure fast shipping and delivery.

Retail Giants – Fake Pee on Amazon

Customers can use keywords such as Walgreens synthetic urine when they wish to make purchases from online retail marketplaces such as Amazon, Walgreens, or Walmart. However, they should be aware that the sale of such products is controlled in many countries. Hence, depending on the region from where one is ordering, the products that show up will vary.

For instance, when you buy fake pee for a drug test at Walmart.

The website will show whether a particular product is available in your location. Also, in case a customer shops internationally, the website will indicate that certain parts or accessories such as the plugs that come with the product might not be compatible with one’s local electrical connections.

Hence, when purchasing a quick synthetic urine product online it is best to choose a reliable forum that delivers to your location. Check their return policies and other terms and conditions before you make a purchase. It is also beneficial to check customer reviews and testimonials before one makes a purchase. Also, a customer should refer to comparative prices and reviews of other similar products as well as check prices with the original manufacturer’s website.

Local Head Shops

When a marijuana user has an immediate urine drug test coming up they should check with any local store or dispensary. There are several benefits of the same. For instance, if one finds smoke shops that sell synthetic urine in their vicinity they can get their hands on such a product immediately. There is no need to wait as one would have to if they order such products via the manufacturer’s website online. Again, these stores have knowledgeable staff who can guide one in such purchases. They also remain accountable if a customer does not find successful results after using such a product to pass a drug test. Additionally, one can save on shipping and delivery costs as well.

Fake Pee at Gas Station

Because drug testing is a usual part of many jobs, people are always looking for methods to cheat the system. A well-known approach is using synthetic urine that you can buy from nearby gas stations and local smoke shops. These items are made to resemble real pee and usually include heating pads so they’re at the correct temperature during screening.

But, it is not always safe to use fake pee from a gas station. If the lab doing the drug test cheating finds out that your sample is fake, you might get into serious problems. Even though this risk exists, many people still try using fake pee for passing drug tests.

Things to Remember When Buying Synthetic Urine

A customer needs to remember certain points before they purchase synthetic urine:

Legal Considerations – not every US state has made marijuana usage legal. This has implications for making purchases of marijuana-linked products as well as items that help pass related drug tests. When one visits a manufacturer’s website they will know which states or countries the company ships to. Hence, accordingly, a customer should make a purchase. It is known that 18 states across the US ban the use and sale of synthetic urine. These include states such as Oklahoma, New Hampshire, Louisiana, Indiana, and Arkansas. Hence, a buyer must know their local laws before making such a purchase. Most legal manufacturers abide by these restrictions when making and selling their products.

How to Use Synthetic Urine for a Drug Test?

If a customer seeks to know where can I buy synthetic urine, they need to know about the product and the different forms that it comes in. Some manufacturers sell the product in the form of a powder like TestClear Powdered Human Urine. Others sell it in the form of a concentrated liquid. Depending on the form, customers need to follow the instructions given to use the product correctly. Especially important is to keep the product in the right temperature range, mimicking human body temperatures. Then only possibilities of passing a urine drug test with such a product are high.

The right or reliable synthetic urine products available in the market are made of ingredients as found in human urine. Ingredients in fake pee usually consist of sulfates, nitrates, urea, uric acid, ammonia, and creatine among others. It can be purchased in different forms. Whether a user purchases the powder or the liquid form, they need to follow the instructions provided with the kit on how to use the same. Depending on the product, one will need to put the kit together. Each product comes with specific instructions as well.

Synthetic Urine Instruction

If a customer purchases fake urine in powder form, the usual instructions are the following:

  1. The powder needs to be mixed with distilled water.
  2. Shake contents and ensure that they mix properly.
  3. The mixture needs to be heated up to 95 degrees Fahrenheit.

Usually, all required ingredients are provided in the pee kit. Some even provide distilled water for mixing. Additionally, the kits come with warming devices as well. This helps users keep the fake urine at the right temperature.


Urine Simulation Kit
(Powdered Human Urine+Heater)

  • It’s real drug-free human urine
  • All YOU NEED TO PASS A TEST IN ONE PACK: real urine powder, a medical vial, a temperature strip; two air-activated heaters
  • It’s undetectable

The steps to use liquid fake pee are as follows:

  • The liquid needs to be heated, either in the microwave or with the heating pad provided.
  • One needs to ensure that the temperature is around 90 degrees Fahrenheit, not too low or not too high.
  • The heating pad provided in most kits helps keep the sample warm up to the optimal temperature.
  • Users can conceal the sample by hiding it in their undergarments, next to the skin.
  • At the time of submission, one needs to shake the sample and submit the same.

In either form, one must preserve the sample at the right temperature. For this one can use a microwave or the heating pads provided with most kits. Also, most kits come with a temperature strip. This helps to know whether the sample is at the right temperature. One should check these details before making a purchase. They should also time their purchase such that they have adequate time to prepare the fake urine sample before taking the test to clear the same.


As evident from above, some important points surface when it comes to purchasing synthetic urine. Though there are several health supplements or cannabis-friendly sites that promote such products, it is recommended that one buys the product from the manufacturer’s website directly instead of from a shop. There are several reasons as discussed above. Among them, the authenticity of the product, and access guarantee from the manufacturer are the main advantages. Also, one can access the manufacturer’s customer support team as well. This helps when one has queries or wishes to return their purchase.

While manufacturer websites like those offering TestClear Powdered Human Urine or The Urinator are ideal for authenticity and support, remember legality varies by region. Check your laws carefully before purchase, even via local options like Weedmaps or dispensaries, as synthetic urine is restricted in many areas.

To sum up, customers should choose a product as on customer reviews and testimonials. This helps them shortlist products that have high levels of success. Cannabis usage has become legal in many regions including many states of the US. However, employment terms usually require users to undergo urine-based drug tests. Those who are regular weed users can face a dilemma, especially when faced with such a test within a short notice period. In such circumstances, fake urine products come of use. However, one should check the credibility of the different brands and the reliability of their products before one makes such a purchase.