Does UPS Drug Test?

For some jobs at UPS, you have to pass UPS drug test. The need for drug tests seems to depend on where and what you do. There don’t seem to be any corporate or administrative jobs that need drug tests. UPS has the right to do random drug tests at any time during employment, especially if an accident at work or drug use is suspected. Drug tests are not always required. The Department of Transportation will do more than just drug tests on drivers. They will also do a physical exam (DOT).

United parcel service (UPS) is a company based in the United States that manages the supply chain and sends packages worldwide. UPS is considered one of the best workplaces because it pays well. If you want to interview with this company or apply for a job there, you should first find out how they hire people. The drug test is one of the most important parts of the hiring process in many companies.

When it comes to drug testing, UPS is very strict. Their Code of Business Conduct’s Drug and Alcohol policy explains how UPS tests for drugs and alcohol. They may ask you to use UPS drug test kits, but there’s nothing in the company’s rules that says you must do this regularly. The policy on drug tests is not strict, and workers say that their tests vary from one to the next. Most of the time, UPS workers aren’t tested for drugs unless they have to be.

Does UPS Drug Test?

How Does UPS Drug Testing Work?

The job is the main thing that determines who exactly does UPS drug test in 2022. For example, full-time delivery drivers may take a drug test before being hired, a drug test as part of their DOT physical, and maybe even tests at random. On the other hand, part-time and temporary workers don’t have to take a drug test.


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But if they wanted to file for Workman’s Compensation, both types of employees would have to take a UPS warehouse drug test. UPS does this because it wants to ensure that the request isn’t for drugs. After all, if the claim is accepted, the company will give the workers benefits because they got sick or hurt at work.

So, if the employee got hurt while high or drunk, UPS will have the right not to pay them. Both types of employees can also be tested if a manager or supervisor has a good reason to think so, especially if an employee seems drunk or high at work. With this in mind, full-time UPS workers must be ready for drug tests, while part-time and seasonal workers may never have to take one.

What Does UPS Drug Test For?

If UPS needs to test for drugs, they usually do so with a urine test. Having the knowledge that urine tests can show things like:

  • Methamphetamine (meth, speed, ecstasy)
  • UPS thc tests (cannabinoids, marijuana)
  • Alcohol
  • Cocaine
  • Opiates (heroin, opium, morphine)
  • Phenocyidine (PCP, angel dust)

But it’s important to remember that a drug test can affect your thoughts about drugs. If your doctor has given you a prescription for opioids or medical marijuana, you should let your manager know. UPS won’t care that you’re taking these prescriptions if they have no reason to think you’re using them on the job. But if you try to get Workman’s Comp, even being on a prescription drug can stop you from getting paid. And in any case – you should know, how long does weed stay in your system.

UPS will give a drug test if:

  1. The applicant would be given a random drug test if there were red flags when they were hired, but management still wanted to hire them.
  2. An employee may be given a drug test if they act strangely at work or change their behavior significantly.
  3. If employees come to work drunk, they will have to take a drug test.

How Long Does It Take to Give A Drug Test at UPS?

Thinking about how long does UPS take to hire after an interview? Most of the time, you can get the results of a drug test at work within a few days. An employer can also require that a quick test that gives results on the same day be used to do the test.

The results are usually available within 24 hours if a test comes back negative. If the test comes back positive, however, more tests will need to be done, which could take anywhere from a few days to a week. Your employer will get a copy of whether or not you passed the test from the lab. Most likely, your results will be sent to you by mail, while your employer will probably get them by courier or fax.

If you don’t want to wait for the mail, you can call the human resources department in two to three days to find out if you passed the screening. If you fail your drug test before being hired, you won’t be able to get the job. If you fail a random drug test for a job you already have, you will probably lose it. Almost certainly, you’ll have to wait at least six months before you can apply again.

Does UPS drug test entry-level positions?

UPS is like many other companies that don’t like to advertise that they do drug tests. This is because they don’t want potential employees to use things to trick the test and get a false negative. UPS doesn’t like to talk about how its drug tests work. So it can be hard to know what to expect if you’ve never been through one.

But it indeed makes it a point to make pages about all kinds of employers. In this case, current and former employees can share honest reviews and opinions and answer any questions potential future employees might have. A whole section on the UPS Indeed page talks about drug tests.

Based on the information on this page, it looks like UPS started drug testing some package handlers in 2020. But even after 2020, there are mixed reviews. It seems to depend mostly on the hiring manager and where you work. So, if you want to be a package handler, it’s probably best to assume that you’ll have to take a drug test. You can also expect a UPS pre-employment drug screen if UPS has any reason to think you’re using drugs. Like if you’re always late to work or fall asleep on the job, if there’s an accident, or if you get hurt at work.

What Happens if You Fail to Pass The UPS Drug Test?

Your hiring manager will decide what to do if you take a drug test before getting a job offer and it returns positive. Most of the time, the company won’t hire you. The fact that you failed a drug test could be a red flag for the employer. And they have every right not to hire you.

Sometimes, you may be hired if you meet certain requirements. You might get a chance to show an employer that you are getting or are willing to get professional help. But this rarely happens.

Kinds of Drug Tests at UPS

UPS drug test policy 2022 about drugs and alcohol that is written into the company’s rules of behavior. Even though the way things are done can change depending on the place, there is a standard format:

Pre-Employment Testing

There are several steps to the UPS interview process, each designed to determine if a candidate is right for a certain job. Because there are so many applicants, the first steps of the process do not require a drug test. However, a drug test can be given to finish the screening process.

Random Testing

When you work at UPS, you have to be careful, and you may be given random drug tests. The goal is to ensure that no one is under the influence of something that could impair their judgment and cause an accident. Workers handle packages, drive, and run different machinery and equipment.

Tests will be done at random at any time without warning. This makes it impossible to plan, and if you work at UPS, the only way to stay clean is to stay clean. A UPS random drug test can be used if there is a good reason to think you are using a controlled drug. You’ll probably lose your job if you don’t pass the test.

Reasonable Suspicion Testing

As part of their drug-free workplace program, employers with a comprehensive drug testing policy will often do reasonable suspicion testing, also called for-cause or probable-cause testing. Affordable suspicion testing must be based on a specific employee’s suspicion. Employers must keep track of objective facts that would lead a reasonable person to think that the person is under the influence and breaking company policy. 

Supervisors, managers, and people who work in human resources should be taught how to spot the signs of drug abuse in the workplace. When an employee is thought to be drunk or high, more than one supervisor or manager should conduct an immediate, in-person check.

Post-Accident Testing

You must always be alert if you are in charge of any of UPS machines or equipment. Any accident, no matter how small, could force you to take a drug test to ensure you weren’t high on something illegal. At home drug test UPS will determine if you will keep your job or if your contract will be canceled.


Does UPS drug test driver helpers?

No, seasonal driver’s assistants don’t have to take a drug test because they don’t drive the vehicle. They help the driver unload boxes and get them to their destination.

Does UPS drug test package handlers?

Yes. UPS does drug test package handlers. The UPS drug test policy says package handlers must pass a drug test before hiring.

Does UPS drug test dock workers?

Yes. Like package handlers, dock workers have to take tests before starting to work. UPS has a strict policy that all job applicants must take tests before they can be hired.

Does UPS test your urine?

Yes. It is a 5-panel urine test for drugs. The company tests every applicant for drugs. Most of the time, mouth swab tests are not done.


You must agree to a drug test to keep your job at the company. When they ask for this, they want to ensure you’re not on drugs while you’re working. If you fail the test, your job will be over, and it will show up on your record. UPS does random drug tests on its employees to show them they are being watched.

If you report these accidents, there is a good chance that no other delivery service will hire you again. UPS is known for how well they treat their employees and they expect the same in return.