Does Dollar General Drug Test?

Drug testing is a common practice among employers in the United States. It ensures that employees are not under the influence of drugs while on the job. Whether or not the company requires drug tests is a common question for those interested in working at Dollar General. So, does Dollar General drug test everyone? The short answer is that it depends on the position you are applying for and your location.

Does Dollar General Drug Test In 2023?

Dollar General Corporation is one of the largest American retailers, with over 17,000 stores in 46 states. They offer a wide range of products at affordable prices, including household essentials, food, health and beauty products, clothing, and seasonal items. The company was founded in 1939 by J.L. Turner and Cal Turner Sr; to provide high-quality products at low prices to people living in rural areas.


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Dollar General is not one of the jobs that don’t drug test 2023 – they conduct regular drug tests and is considered to be on top in the list of jobs that drug test 2023. According to Dollar General’s official career website, entry-level employees are usually optional to take a drug test. However, senior store personnel, including managers and workers trusted with store keys, are typically required to pass a drug screening before being hired or promoted. Additionally, if an employee is involved in an accident or is suspected of being under the influence while on the job, they may be subject to random drug tests at any time.

The company’s policy includes screening for all illicit drugs, including marijuana, which means that even if it’s legal in your state, Dollar General can still test and refuse to hire someone who tests positive. Cannabis use isn’t allowed regardless of whether you have a valid medical marijuana card. This means that if you’re an employee at Dollar General, you need to avoid any illegal substances that could potentially show up on a drug test.

How Does Dollar General Drug Testing Work?

At Dollar General, drug testing is a standard procedure for all employees. The company follows strict guidelines to ensure its staff members are safe and efficient while on the job. They test employees for various drugs, including marijuana, cocaine, opiates, amphetamines, weed, and phencyclidine (PCP). Additionally, it also checks for prescription drugs like benzodiazepines and amphetamines. Further, they may include other substances depending on the requirements of local laws or industry regulations.

The drug testing process at Dollar General typically consists of a urine test that screens for common drugs such as marijuana, cocaine, amphetamines, and opioids. Additional testing for other substances may be required depending on the position applied for or the type of test requested (pre-employment vs. random). The samples collected during the test are sent to a laboratory where trained professionals will analyze them.

The test results typically take 24 to 48 hours to return. Once the results are in, they will be reviewed by Dollar General’s human resources department to determine if there were any positive tests. If an applicant or employee tests positive for drugs, they may not be hired or could face disciplinary action up to and including termination.

The company reserves the right to conduct pre-employment drug tests on all job applicants before they can be hired. This means that individuals who fail the test will not be offered employment opportunities at any of their retail locations. Additionally, current employees may also undergo random drug tests throughout their tenure with the company as part of its effort to maintain a safe workplace environment. Drug testing may also occur if an employee is being considered for promotion or has been involved in an accident while on duty.

What Substances Does Dollar General Prohibit?

Dollar General’s strict policy on prohibited substances is one crucial aspect that sets it apart from its competitors. The list of prohibited substances includes but is not limited to alcohol, tobacco products, and e-cigarettes.

Despite some misconceptions, marijuana remains a banned substance at Dollar General stores. Although several states have legalized marijuana for medical or recreational use, federal law still considers it illegal. Therefore, any product that contains or promotes the use of marijuana is not permitted on the shelves. Customers cannot purchase cannabis-related items like rolling papers or bongs at Dollar General stores.

The use or possession of marijuana on Dollar General premises is strictly prohibited and can lead to immediate termination for employees or legal action against customers. This policy applies regardless of whether or not marijuana has been legalized in the state where the store is located.

Does Dollar General Drug Test

Does Dollar General Drug Test Entry-Level Positions?

One important point to note is that while Dollar General does conduct drug tests on its employees, not all positions are subject to testing. According to reports from former Dollar General employees, the company does not typically drug test their entry-level staff members.

However, senior store personnel must pass a drug screening before hiring, including managers and employees trusted with store keys. This makes sense, given that these individuals hold more responsibility and oversight within the company. If you’re interested in working as a cashier or sales associate at Dollar General, you may not need to worry about being tested for drugs.

It’s worth noting that while Dollar General may not require drug testing for all positions, they maintain a zero-tolerance policy regarding workplace substance abuse.

What Happens If You Fail To Pass Dollar General Drug Test

One of the most immediate consequences of failing a Dollar General drug test is losing the job offer or being terminated from your current position if you have already started working. You must pass the drug test to be responsible enough to abide by company policies and regulations. This can also jeopardize future employment opportunities as employers may view this as indicating poor judgment and lack of responsibility.

The company reserves the right to rescind job offers if candidates test positive for drugs during pre-employment screening. This means that all your efforts in applying and interviewing for a job with Dollar General could go down the drain if you fail their drug test.

Kinds of Drug Tests at Dollar General

Drug testing has become increasingly common in the workplace, and Dollar General is no exception. The company implements various drug tests to ensure employees work safely and efficiently. There are four main kinds of drug tests administered at Dollar General: pre-employment testing, random testing, reasonable suspicion testing, and post-accident testing.

Pre-Employment Testing

Pre Employment Drug Testing refers to testing before hiring an applicant. This type of test can be a urine test. A urine test is the most common Dollar General Pre-Employment Drug Screen test for multiple drugs, including marijuana, cocaine, amphetamines, opioids (including prescription opiates), and PCP. This test aims to evaluate if the applicant is free from any illegal drugs or substances that could impair their work performance or put themselves and co-workers at risk.

Reasonable Suspicion Testing

Another type of drug test at Dollar General is reasonable suspicion testing. This occurs when a supervisor or manager has reason to believe that an employee may be using drugs or alcohol while at work. The suspicion could be based on observable behavior such as slurred speech, unsteady movements, or other signs of impairment. The employee will typically be asked to provide a urine sample for analysis.

Reasonable suspicion testing is essential for maintaining a safe work environment. The main aim of this type of test is to ensure that employees do not come to work under the influence of drugs, as this can pose a safety risk in the workplace. Additionally, it helps Dollar General maintain productivity levels by ensuring all employees are fit for duty.

Random Testing

It is a drug test that happens without notice at any given time. Employees are randomly selected from a pool to take drug tests without prior warning or suspicion. The purpose of Dollar General Random Drug Test is to keep workers accountable and as a deterrent for drug use in the workplace. This type of test helps deter employees from drug use while on the job and ensures that all workers abide by company policies.

Post-Accident Testing

Post-accident testing is another type of drug test conducted by Dollar General. It happens after an accident involving an employee has occurred during work hours or on company premises. Post-accident testing at Dollar General involves collecting urine samples from employees involved in accidents while on duty. The aim is to detect whether any drugs were present in their system at the time of the incident.

If an employee fails a post-accident drug test, they may face disciplinary action or termination from their job. Post-accident testing aims to identify those using drugs and prevent future accidents. Post-accident testing helps identify potential risk factors contributing to accidents and allows employers to take appropriate action.

Q&A About Dollar General Drug Test

Here are some frequently asked questions that can help you understand more about the Dollar General drug test policy 2023:

1.    Does Dollar General Drug Test Its Employees?

Drug tests are conducted on potential employees as a part of the Dollar General hiring process. They also reserve the right to randomly test current employees if there is reasonable suspicion of drug use or if an accident occurs while on the job.

2.    How Does Dollar General Drug Test, and What Drugs Do They Test For?

Typically, Dollar General uses a urine-based drug test that screens for several different drugs. The company doesn’t disclose specific details about which drugs they screen for, but it’s safe to assume they’re looking for commonly abused substances such as marijuana, cocaine, opiates, and amphetamines.

3.    How Long Does It Take To Get Results?

Usually, the test results are available within 24-48 hours after collection.

4.    Can I Refuse to Take the Drug Test?

Refusing to take a pre-employment drug screening may result in disqualification from employment consideration. Refusing to take a drug test may result in severe consequences, including termination of employment or even legal action. In conclusion, before you refuse a drug test, consider the potential effects carefully.

5.    How to Pass the Dollar General Drug Test?

It’s important to note that passing any drug test requires abstinence from drugs for some time before the test. If you’re a regular user of marijuana or other substances, your safest bet is to stop using them immediately once you know about the upcoming drug test. The longer your abstinence period, the better your chances of testing negative because most drugs are metabolized and eliminated from the body within days or weeks in some cases.


Drug testing is becoming more and more common in today’s society. Employers are looking for ways to keep their workplaces safe and drug-free. Some companies, like Dollar General, have implemented drug testing into their hiring process. This ensures that the employees are responsible and fit for the position they are applying for. Dollar General does not drug test its entry-level employees, only those managerial-level applicants or currently suspected of drug use. Dollar General also randomly drug tests employees or after any accidents during employment.

This policy is good for Dollar General and its employees, as it maintains a healthy and safe work environment while preventing potential drug problems. It is important to remember that no company is immune to the adverse effects of drug abuse, so it’s essential to be vigilant in protecting yourself and your workplace. So, if you are looking for jobs that drug test in 2023, you must be prepared for this process. Remember that failing a drug test could result in losing the job opportunity altogether.