Helping Employees Choose Wisely: Blog by Dominic Lorusso, Director, Health Partnership for Consumer Reports

Helping Employees Choose Wisely: Blog by Dominic Lorusso, Director, Health Partnership for Consumer Reports

c7c5c542-43eb-4146-a0df-5535cf3c0ba3A disturbingly high incidence of low-value and no-value care is harming patients physically and financially. In fact, the Institute of Medicine issued a report saying that waste accounted for 30 percent of health care spending nationally, or $750 billion per year in 2010.

Through Choosing Wisely, an initiative of the ABIM Foundation and Consumer Reports, we’re doing something about it — along with the Minnesota Health Action Group.


The Action Group is one of our long-time consumer communication partners, using and promoting the many diverse, patient-friendly, and free resources available to employers.

  • Making Healthy Choices: Patients are faced with many health care choices; employers are interested in helping employees and their family members make informed decisions. To help, Consumer Reports created Making Health Choices, a toolset including a video series, mobile app, and website, using Choosing Wisely. Learn more here.
  • Co-branded microsites: By co-branding with us, employers have a place to send employees and their dependents for evidence-based Choosing Wisely materials that can be read, watched or downloaded.
  • Co-branded collateral: Interested in co-branding Choosing Wisely collateral for your employees? Consumer Reports can co-brand certain pieces of collateral (such as posters and wallet cards) at no cost.

What is 30 percent of health care spending for your organization, and would you like help in 2017 reducing this waste?


Consumer Reports has been working with The Action Group to develop a high-value, turnkey, no-cost 2017 campaign for Minnesota employers. Please watch for monthly messaging from The Action Group! The campaign will include:

  • Curated content from Choosing Wisely: Actionable, newsworthy and aligned with national health observances (e.g., Heart Month, Cancer Awareness Month).
  • Brief “feature” paragraph: The information will be linked to Choosing Wisely content, and can be used on your website, or in your organization’s newsletter.
  • E-mail reminders: Reminders to use specific Choosing Wisely content will be sent to members by the 15th of the month for the upcoming month.


We are looking forward to working with The Action Group in the coming year, and encourage you to reach out with questions about using the materials, or co-branding to meet your employee communication needs:

Dominic Lorusso is Director, Health Partnership for Consumer Reports.