JOIN ME! 2018 Employer Benefits Survey Now Open-Blog by Jon Schloemer, Director of Compensation and Benefits, Mills Fleet Farm, Action Group Board Member

JOIN ME! 2018 Employer Benefits Survey Now Open-Blog by Jon Schloemer, Director of Compensation and Benefits, Mills Fleet Farm, Action Group Board Member

As a benefits leader in 2018, two things have never been more true. First, there is never enough time. Regardless of where you work, managing benefits is time consuming, complex and technical. Second, everyone wants something from you. Management wants lower costs, employees want better benefits, and vendors want you to buy their newest solution. Amid this dynamic, The Minnesota Health Action Group’s Annual Benefits Survey represents an independent source of information that helps benefits leaders keep their finger on the pulse of health care benefits.

The Minnesota Health Action Group Employer Benefits Survey is the perfect opportunity for employers to evaluate their benefit offerings against other employers from across the state. The survey is free and open to companies of all sizes and industries, as long as they’re headquartered in or have employees in Minnesota.

We will be collecting responses through Feb. 23, 2018, and will issue a report on the findings in March.

Last year, Action Group members indicated that the Annual Benefits Survey is one of the most highly valued ways to engage with The Action Group.


Here are three things that I especially appreciate about the Survey:


Put another way, it’s not sponsored by a broker, consultant or vendor. No one is using the trends and insights to guide product development, shape marketing strategy, or sell a new solution. It’s a custom survey, not a standardized published survey. The questions are shaped by employers and reflect our current interests, priorities and challenges. All survey responses are confidential, and only participating companies have access to the comprehensive survey results. So, I find that the results (both data and trends) have a level of objectivity and relevance that is unmatched.

2) It provides valuable insights to support strategic and tactical decisions

The survey reveals where employers are going with future benefit decisions—what they’re doing today, what they’re considering for the future, and what is not on their radar screen. Effectiveness ratings identify what is and isn’t working, as well as satisfaction with Minnesota-based health care companies (health plans, wellness companies, etc.). I especially appreciate that participating employers are invited to a special employer-only breakfast meeting, an exclusive forum for rich conversation and important networking.

3) The survey is timely and well timed

The survey is conducted in February, and the results are available by the end of March. This means that the data is current, and the results are provided just in time to be used in planning for 2019 benefits. In addition, the comprehensive survey results report serves as a ready resource throughout the year.

Back to my two “truths” for benefits leaders. Given that there’s never enough time, and everyone wants something from you, The Action Group’s Annual Employer Benefits Survey is a unique opportunity—a truly independent source of information and insights to help benefits managers keep their finger on the pulse of health care benefits! 

For more information and to join me in completing the Minnesota Health Action Group’s Employer Benefits Survey, please visit

In good health,

Jon Schloemer


Jon Schloemer is Director of Compensation and Benefits for Mills Fleet Farm and a Minnesota Health Action Group Board member.