Action Group members know from experience that we accomplish more together than any of us can alone. There is strength in our collective voice and progress through our united action.

If you’re involved in purchasing health care, developing employee benefit strategies, delivering health care goods or services, or supporting those who do, membership in the Minnesota Health Action Group is for YOU!

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“We are at a crossroads; on the verge of a potential revolution in health care such as we’ve never seen. It’s time to renew the importance of the employer purchaser in determining what role we have; how we should move into future; and how we can get every single Minnesotan to be at their maximum well-being. That’s a completely different concept than, ‘how do I minimize expenses by choosing different plans?’”

Charlie Montreuil, Senior Vice President, Enterprise Rewards, Best Buy

“Being a part of the Specialty Pharmacy Care Delivery Learning Network has shown us how out of control pharmacy pricing is in the U.S. Manufacturers are charging whatever the market will pay, regardless of manufacturing cost. It’s very clear that purchasers will need to collaborate to hold the market accountable for rational pricing practices.”

Jon Born, Senior Director Benefits, SUPERVALU

“We like to sit at the table with other employers to collaborate and innovate in the delivery of and payment for health care.”

René Coult-Calendine, Senior Director, Marketing, Outreach, and Product Development, Fairview Health Systems

“It’s impressive to see how Minnesota organizations are cooperating with one another to improve health care here. Many of us who have lived here and worked in this industry for as long as we have tend to forget how fortunate we are to have The Minnesota Health Action Group and its resources in our own backyard.”

Diane Pozdolski, (retired) Vice President of Compensation, Benefits and HRIS, Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Minnesota