2020 Annual Employer Leadership Summit

2020 Annual Employer Leadership Summit

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Governor Tim Walz declared April 29, 2020, MENTAL HEALTH ADVOCACY DAY in honor of the Summit.

The pre-pandemic state of mental health and substance use treatment in America was already dire. To help prevent a bad situation from getting worse, each of us should take action to collaborate and make a difference within our sphere of influence.

During the 2020 Annual Employer Leadership Summit, we discussed the growing urgency of mobilizing employers to improve mental health care and outcomes as COVID-19 dominates our everyday lives.

Keynote speaker and founder of The Kennedy Forum, former U.S. Rep. Patrick J. Kennedy, warns that the resulting fear, isolation and anxiety will lead to a dramatic rise in mental health and substance use disorders. (See Duluth News Tribune article here.)

ENGAGE with us, whether on mental health or on our other efforts to make health care better in Minnesota

In the midst of COVID-19, people are striving to cope with uncertainty and discover new ways to live and work. The importance of mental health advocacy cannot be overstated. Members of the Minnesota Health Action Group Mental Health Guiding Coalition are active advocates within the group and in their workplaces.

To learn more, contact Mamie Segall or Deb Krause.

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