Storytelling: Jennifer Lundblad and Cathy Weik

Storytelling: Jennifer Lundblad and Cathy Weik

While The Action Group represents the collective voice of Minnesota purchasers, Stratis Health focuses on helping health care provider organizations across the continuum of care to understand, then integrate, quality improvement and safety into their work. The organization also strives to improve health literacy among health care consumers.

The work of Stratis Health and The Action Group often intersects on important initiatives such as Minnesota Bridges to Excellence, Minnesota Chartered Value Exchange, Minnesota Hospital Quality Reporting Steering Committee, and Aligning Forces for Quality (AF4Q).

“We’ve accomplished great things through our long-term collaboration with The Action Group,“ says Cathy Weik, Senior Vice President of Administration for Stratis Health. “Now, we’re looking forward to using our membership status to further improve health care quality and safety throughout the communities we serve — and among our own employees.”

“We see The Action Group as building the freeway between health care stakeholders as we all work together to improve the system for patients, providers and employers.”

– Cathy Weik

When asked what they find most compelling about belonging to The Action Group, Jennifer and Cathy list the following:

  • Mutually enforcing the mission and work of both organizations.
  • Having the opportunity to connect with other small employers and to learn from the legacy members who represent jumbo purchasers.
  • Sharing Stratis Health’s toolkits and resources with fellow members, so they can more easily contribute to making life better for their employees.
  • Networking with other members to share best practices.
  • Helping drive accountability in health care to improve patient safety.
  • Working to create transparency in the marketplace by mining and analyzing data that enables employers and consumers to become more engaged and to make smart decisions about cost, care and quality.

“Improving health and health care quality throughout Minnesota communities is what Stratis Health focuses on,” says Jennifer. “Through our partnership with The Action Group and fellow members, we will continue to make steady progress that improves the system for all.”