Storytelling: Paul Berrisford

Storytelling: Paul Berrisford

“Entira is an outstanding asset to The Action Group. Their willingness to share the provider perspective has proven invaluable time and again.”
– Carolyn Pare

Physician-owned Entira Family Clinics, providing a complete range of care for the entire family, has supported Action Group change efforts as a provider for many years. Not only do staff members sit on the Guiding Coalition of MN Bridges to Excellence, they frequently participate as speakers at Action Group meetings and Community Dialogues. The organization also often has the best MN Bridges to Excellence scores.

“This two-way connection is important to us because, typically, employers are working through brokers and consultants, and providers don’t have a place at the table,” says Paul. “Meeting with peer organizations to understand benefits, benefit design, and what’s happening in the community enables us to better serve our patients and our employees. The Action Group is the only forum available for these important discussions.”

By assuring that employers of all types and sizes, providers, and health plans are active Action Group participants, system transformation is accelerated to achieve better care, better health, and lower costs.

“We are solving each other’s problems, so we can all meet our goals.”
– Paul Berrisford

Paul credits The Action Group with:

  • Being a driving force in improving quality and transforming care delivery.
  • Identifying common problems among employers, then creating tools and resources for all to share (e.g., Back Pain Purchaser Guide).
  • Creating a forum for a wide range of stakeholders to improve health and health care for Minnesotans.

“The three hallmarks of our 12-clinic practice are its comprehensive, coordinated approach to care; its tradition of serving generations of families; and its commitment to providing everything a patient needs to thrive,” says Paul. “The Action Group has always recognized and supported our continuous improvement efforts through Bridges to Excellence. And we always look forward to learning from our peers, so we can provide employee benefits and education that make sense in the face of Health Care Reform.”