2019 Executive Summaries

2019 Executive Summaries

Amid the changing health care landscape, the confidential and free Minnesota Health Action Group Employer Benefits Survey digs deep into what is and isn’t working for Minnesota employers. There are two versions of the Survey: One for General Industry, and one for Cities, Counties and School Districts. While many of the key issues are the same for both groups, each has unique challenges, represented by specific data cuts:

2019 Employer Benefits Survey Executive Summary — General Industry

2019 Employer Benefits Survey Executive Summary — Cities, Counties and School Districts

Summit Special Edition of 2019 Employer Benefits Survey Results

A comprehensive report of findings and detailed answers is available to organizations that participated in the Survey (which is open to members and non-members). Employers willing to commit to 2020 Survey participation will receive a complimentary copy of the full 2019 Survey results. Interested employers may contact Sue Jesseman ([email protected]).