About Our Toolkits and Purchaser Guides

About Our Toolkits and Purchaser Guides

There are many advantages to using Minnesota Health Action Group Toolkits and Purchaser Guides. These customizable communications help inform health and benefit decision-making for employers and employees.

Who Should Use These Resources?

            Employers who…

    • Are seeking high-quality, timely, cost-effective, efficient solutions to managing the complexities of health care.
    • Desire integrated solutions based on industry best practices.
    • Want to better understand available benefit offerings in specific areas, along with related decision-making support.
    • Need trustworthy, unbiased resources.

What are the Benefits?


    • Can tailor materials to achieve specific business objectives.
    • Gain a running head start on communicating complex concepts and messages.
    • Have a ready-made opportunity to improve health and benefit literacy among employees.
    • Receive access to thought-provoking content, allowing them to be more effective in their personal and professional lives.