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The Action Group introduced its members to the Choosing Wisely campaign in May 2012.  Choosing Wisely is an initiative of the American Board of Internal Medicine (ABIM) designed to help physicians, patients and other health care stakeholders think and talk about the overuse of health care resources. Members, find the Choosing Wisely Toolkit here.

The Choosing Wisely campaign began in April 2012 when nine medical specialty societies, representing 375,000 physicians, each identified five tests and procedures that might warrant additional conversations between doctors and patients about the need — or lack thereof — for these frequently ordered tests or treatments. An additional seven societies released their lists in February 2013, and there are now 135 tests and procedures identified as “not always necessary.” It is expected that more societies will join this effort. “Consumer Reports” supports the ABIM Foundation Choosing Wisely campaign by developing consumer-friendly educational tip sheets.

The Minnesota Health Action Group is a “Consumer Reports” Communication Partner for the Choosing Wisely campaign, joining forces with 16 other organizations. Communication Partners provide resources and disseminate information to help patients and providers engage in conversations about the potential overuse of Choosing Wisely tests and procedures.

Check out the new co-branded webpage The Action Group now has with “Consumer Reports.” This site provides access to the Choosing Wisely communication materials produced by “Consumer Reports.” These materials, on everything from Allergy Testing to Treatments for End-of-Life Care, help patients discuss available options with their doctors to avoid needless and possibly even harmful tests and procedures. Some communication pieces are even available in Easy-to-Read and Spanish versions.

Members, click HERE to see the Choosing Wisely Employer Toolkit

Choosing Wisely Minnesota

The Action Group and the Institute for Clinical Systems Improvement (ICSI) are among 21 state medical societies, specialty societies, and regional health collaboratives that received grants from the ABIM Foundation to help engage employers, physicians and patients in conversations aimed at reducing unnecessary medical tests and procedures. The Minnesota Medical Association also received a separate grant. Click here to read the news release on the grant, funded by the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation.

The Action Group and ICSI identified 11 of the 135 Choosing Wisely tests and procedures that will be the initial focus of our work. Click here to view the Minnesota Top 11 list. The three Minnesota organizations also have a new Action Group, ICSI and MMA co-branded website for Choosing Wisely Minnesota that you can access here.

See the Choosing Wisely video Public Service Announcement below.