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Depression Care

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Help and Healing Toolkit (for people with depression)

Depression is a common but serious illness. About 19 million people in the United States experience depression every year. Effective treatment and management of depression is important for many reasons, the primary reason being the health and vitality of the person with depression. People with depression also tend to have higher overall health costs and lower workplace productivity. Many patients with depression also have other chronic medical conditions and effective management and treatment of these conditions may be difficult until the depression is treated.

Primary care and behavioral health providers in Minnesota are required to submit data on several depression care measures to Minnesota Community Measurement (MNCM) for public reporting and these measures are part of the Action Group’s Minnesota Bridges to Excellence pay-for-performance program. In 2012, The Action Group collaborated with MNCM, a non-profit organization dedicated to improving health care through measurement and public reporting, to design and launch Help and Healing: Resources for depression care and recovery, a toolkit to help people who have depression get better, faster by fostering collaboration between patients and providers. The toolkit includes patient and provider talking points, treatment planning guides, self-management techniques, and information to help providers measure and improve treatment outcomes. Access the toolkit here.

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