Making the Business Case Inside Your Organization: What is the Evidence on Cost Savings

What to Consider and Tools for Implementing Health Care Homes

  • Benefit plan designs to support primary care: A report from the PCPCC providing background on value based insurance design and patient centered medical home, why employers should care and what they should do.
  • Contract language, RFP language to consider when selecting and contracting with health plans.

How to Explain HCH to Employees and Family Members

  • Why a HCH? Medical Home for All, sponsored by the Texas Academy of Family Physicians. This website includes videos, tools and materials that define a medical home, support becoming a medical home, tools to advocate for, studies and evidence, and multimedia material. This website includes YouTube videos of patients describing their experiences.
  • Choosing a Primary Care Provider – Videos discuss what patients should consider when choosing a provider
  • Benefits of Boeing’s program for patients
  • Finding a HCH in Minnesota
  • Finding a PCMH nationally
    • Each health plan should provide a listing of PCMH practices by location, ideally on a web site that promotes its benefits and how to choose one
  • How to partner with HCHs – a tool designed for families and children to assess family centered care that could be used by any family to assess a clinic’s approach to partnership
  • HCH quality in Minnesota: A website that includes quality scores for all Minnesota providers on multiple measures

Examples of Employers’ Success