Choosing Wisely®

Choosing Wisely®

The Action Group introduced its members to the Choosing Wisely campaign in May 2012, when nine medical specialty societies representing 375,000 physicians each identified five tests and procedures that might warrant additional conversations between patients about the need — or lack thereof — for these frequently ordered tests or treatments. Today, more than 70 societies comprising over one million clinicians are now partners of Choosing Wisely, an initiative of the ABIM Foundation and Consumer Reports.


The Action Group is a long-time Choosing Wisely consumer communication partner, using and promoting the many diverse, patient-friendly, and free resources available to employers.

  • Making Healthy Choices: Patients are faced with many health care choices; employers are interested in helping employees and their family members make informed decisions. To help, Consumer Reports created Making Health Choices, a toolset including a video series, mobile app, and website, using Choosing Wisely. Learn more here.
  • Co-branded microsites: By co-branding with us, employers have a place to send employees and their dependents for evidence-based Choosing Wisely materials that can be read, watched or downloaded.
  • Co-branded collateral: Interested in co-branding Choosing Wisely collateral for your employees? Consumer Reports can co-brand certain pieces of collateral at no cost.

Choosing Wisely Minnesota

The Action Group is working with Consumer Reports to develop a high-value, turnkey, no-cost 2017 campaign for Minnesota employers. Please watch for monthly messaging from us! The campaign will include:

  • Curated content from Choosing Wisely: Actionable, newsworthy and aligned with national health observances (e.g., Heart Month, Cancer Awareness Month).
  • Brief “feature” paragraph: The information will be linked to Choosing Wisely content, and can be used on your website, or in your organization’s newsletter.
  • E-mail reminders: Reminders to use specific Choosing Wisely content will be sent to members by the 15th of the month for the upcoming month.

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