Leading with The Action Group in 2014 by Carolyn Pare

Leading with The Action Group in 2014 by Carolyn Pare

We had such a great member meeting on December 17, I wanted to follow up with a brief summary and a copy of the presentation and resource links for those of you who were not able to attend. Members and staff gathered to review the highlights and accomplishments of 2013, and to imagine the possibilities for 2014.

  • Robert Wood Johnson Payment Reform Workshop
        • Assess cost and quality targets (higher spending ≠ better care)
        • Accelerate payment reform initiatives
  • Minnesota Bridges to Excellence
    • Examples of performance improvements
      • 400% improvement in health outcomes for patients with diabetes since 2006 launch
      • 81% increase in the number of clinics rewarded for achievement in treating depression over the previous year
    • Return on investment
      • ROI for MNBTE purchasers for 2013, based on each purchaser’s number of patients with diabetes care at optimal levels, ranged from $12.71 to $28.17.
  • Care Delivery Learning Network: Deep dive into overuse, high cost, and variability for:
  • Annual Employer Health Care Benefits Survey
    • Each employer would have to pay a consultant upwards of $40,000 to conduct a similar survey (included in the price of Action Group membership)
    • Content includes participant views on everything from plan costs and contributions, to health plan strategy and benefits, to evaluation of Minnesota networks and administrators, to health improvement solutions
  • Choosing Wisely®
    • The Action Group was one of the first named Community Communications Partners in the country
    • The “Minnesota Eleven” (aimed at reducing unnecessary medical tests and procedures)
    • Choosing Wisely Employer Toolkit to help you educate employees about protecting their health

2014 Preview

I invite each of you to join us at our 2014 meetings. We bring together employers, providers, health plans, and interested stakeholders to share perspectives, knowledge and best practice ideas.


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