Taking Action Express: MNBTE Special Edition!

Taking Action Express: MNBTE Special Edition!

JULY 27, 2017

“We are very proud of the legacy of MNBTE, and thrilled that Thursday, July 27, 2017, has been declared by Governor Mark Dayton to be ‘Minnesota Excellence in Health Care Day’ in its honor. We amplify the voice of purchasers, sending a clear message to the marketplace about expectations for high achievement and continuous improvement. Resulting infrastructure changes are impressive. We continue to set our sights on key initiatives that will lead to better patient outcomes and experiences for Minnesotans.”

Carolyn Pare, President and CEO, Minnesota Health Action Group

Please click on the image to view Governor Dayton’s Minnesota Excellence in Health Care Proclamation

Minnesota Bridges to Excellence (MNBTE) is a purchaser-led, pay-for-performance program to advance care delivery and outcomes by rewarding clinics for meeting or exceeding strict care standards for patients with diabetes, vascular disease, and/or depression.

Tonight, clinicians, along with professionals from health plans, health systems, employers, and community organizations will gather to celebrate the fact that, over the course of MNBTE, more than $6.5 million has been awarded to high-performing clinics and care systems.

Thank You and Congratulations to Minnesota Clinics and Medical Groups! 

To view this year’s clinics and medical groups that are meeting and exceeding expectations in closing quality gaps, please click here. To view past winners, please click here.

Action Group @ Work!

Even with the climate of uncertainty about the future of health care in America, on one thing we can all agree: Everyone deserves to live the healthiest life possible. That’s why the nonpartisan Action Group unites the public and private sectors, fostering partnerships that lead to proactive, collaborative strategies focused on a common end point: Better, more affordable health care solutions for all. To learn more, please visit mnhealthactiongroup.org.

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